Technical Logistic Support

As a system support enterprise, we assume comprehensive responsibility for the maintenance and development of your products to mission readiness as part of our technical logistic support. Our know-how and many years of experience ensure that you are optimally positioned between the competing poles of maximum possible system availability and maximum system performance at low cost.

As your reliable partner, we offer you the complete spectrum of technical logistic support services from a single source:

  • Product observation and oversight
  • Executing changes
  • Monitoring compliance with legal regulations
  • Maintaining support capability
  • Maintaining mission readiness of your systems
  • Ensuring the supportability of your products
  • Obsolescence management
  • System support services

Your advantages:

  • High system availability at an optimised cost
  • One single reliable contact over the entire period of use of your system
  • Certainty that all legal requirements for certification, operation, maintenance and disposal are applied.
  • More time available for concentrating on your core competence